Business and IT leaders often face a big dilemma when it comes to a budget time.

  • “What will our new financial year’s IT investment look like?”
  • “What business priorities will we address? “
  • “What shall I invest first? “
  • “Will the investment contribute to our organisation’s future state? Or will it be a sunk cost?”

These are just a few questions that they seek to answer.

It is not surprising. Until now, the most common practice for IT investment planning is to throw in what I call a last-minute shopping list. This shopping list is then used to create budget estimates without anyone’s true understanding whether or not the items on the list would address business priorities, gain an organisation competitive advantage over its competitors, resolve critical pain points, result in major savings, lay foundation for future investment etc. etc.

In short, a budget approver should be able to answer one simple question:

“Is my money spent in the right place at the right time?”


If these sound too familiar, and you are keen to move away from this traditional approach, then iFuture Services’ Accelerated Roadmap Service can be your answer.

At iFuture Services, we believe for any organisation to succeed in this digital age, a well-thought-out roadmap to guide your IT investment is essential as it helps a company form a clear investment and execution plan moving from its current state to its future state step by step. A roadmap needs to take many factors into consideration especially your business priorities and future goals.

It is true that it usually takes a long time for you to create a roadmap. However, with iFuture’s Accelerated Roadmap Service offering, you will soon have a clear and balanced view of what forms your next financial year’s budget or even beyond.


If this accelerated roadmap service offering is right for you, please contact us on 0467 714 923 or for a free quote. Please also check out our Signature EAaaS (Enterprise Architecture as a Service) if you are looking for an Enterprise Architecture and Road-mapping service provider.

Remember, doesn’t matter how big or how small your budget is, we will have a tailored Enterprise Architecture service for you.

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